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    Anna S.

    Austin, TX

     Praise for Airfree: Right now, I have three Onix 3000 air purifiers working in 3 rooms that open onto each other, a space of 637 sq. feet. I bought them because my old cat suffers greatly from allergies, and Austin, TX is pretty much the allergy capitol of the U.S.. Before using these air purifiers, he pulled out wads of his fur because his skin itched so badly, and his eyes were red, swollen, and itchy all year long. He no longer pulls out his fur, and his eyes are clear. You can't imagine what a difference being allergy-free has made--he's happy and playful, and I no longer feel guilty about his condition. Thank you for this excellent product!

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    From England

    "As a longstanding allergy sufferer from dustmites, hay fever and many other things I think the product is fantastic. I have it plugged in my bedroom and whenever I am suffering I can go in that room and within about 20 minutes I am 100% better, even with the window open". 

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    LA3 2DE

    From Heysham, Lancashire UK

    Fantastic! We purchased a P80 air purifier 3 weeks ago for my 4 year old daughter's bedroom. She suffers with atopic eczema and has sleepless nights, particularly during these summer months. Ever since the purifier arrived she hasn't woken itching or scratching once; even when it has been warm. The difference is amazing! My daughter came in hot and itchy from Nursery the other day and within half an hour of being in her bedroom with her purifier, her skin had totally calmed down and her scratching had ceased - without any creams or medications!! Brilliant!!! address: Heysham, Lancashire UK  

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    M. and G. Rankin

    From San Diego, California

    Our daughter has asthma, caused by a dust mite allergy. From the age of 1 year she has been treating her asthma with a cortisone inhaler and antihistamines. At one point, we had to spend a few weeks in a clinic for respiratory treatment, but still she had a lot of problems, like waking up early in the morning because she had to cough or she couldn't breath properly etc. She often had bronchitis, therefore couldn't go to school, doctor visits kept us very busy and she had to go through all kind of tests... Just over half a year ago we got an Airfree Platinum 2000 for her room and since then she has not been to the doctor any more, hardly needs any medication and hasn't missed school any more. Not to mention how much better she is feeling.

    And that because of just one air purifier. We bought more in the mean time, because it is a good feeling to know that with this we can also prevent other family members from developing respiratory problems.

    The Airfree is definitely the most valuable contributor to health improvement that we ever bought. Thanks!

    M. and G. Rankin
    San Diego, California  

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    From PA, USA

    allergy medicine daily just so I could spend time with her.

    I now have 2 units for over 2 months, and my problems are gone! A P2000 in the living room and a P1000 in the bedroom have solved everything. No more allergy medication, no more suffering, and I can even playh with the fuzz ball a little bit.

    Thanks Airfree!
    M. Sachs

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    Mrs Alice Ellis-Smith - Doctor

    From Netherlands

    My asthma has affected my quality of life considerably in the last few years: every few days my chest would be "on fire", my throat sore and raw, my mouth dry... Having given up my inhaler, I've tried Chinese medicine, therapeutic massage, attempted Buteyko breathing, modified my diet, etc. Then I was given an Airfree - surely such a small gadget would have little impact I thought. A week of running it in my bedroom, I began to feel better and wake up with a clearer chest and no sore throat! It's now been a month and I have not an asthma attack at all. What can I say except that it works - buy it, buy one for every room!  

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    From Holland

    Hi, Airfree,

    Yes, I can believe it. My own story is a great reference for the product. We have an old summer cabin in Norway, just next to a huge pine forest mountain, and in front of a fjord. Our yard is filled with as much moss as grass. The cabin was built with inexpensive materials in 1951, but has a solid foundation. I have been very sick inside for some years, and had to stop going there. This caused a huge problem for our family, as it is the location where every summer is supposed to be spent. I could only go once the pollen season was over and if the weather got warm enough to leave all windows open all the time.

    I also had allergy tests in the meantime, and was put on medicines I could not tolerate. I am in great shape with low blood pressure, and the allergy meds and inhaler made me too sleepy and foggy-brained to work or think straight. The tests showed I was allergic to mice, molds, and pine. Our cabin is surrounded by mice, molds and pine.

    The Airfree we got (the small one) was plugged in just one day when I noticed a difference. Two weeks later, we could close every window completely. I was breathing perfectly from about day 2-3. We could even leave it on with all the windows open in the summer, and the machine was never truely affected. I simply kept the place dusted and vacuumed, as usual, and the machine had a place of prominence in the central living room-dining room combination. This past Fall, a time when I could never stay at the cabin before, we spent every weekend there, even when windows had to be closed completely on cold days. In fact, this machine completely changed my indoor health within two weeks, and never quit working, as the weather got worse - colder and more rainy outdoors. This means we do not need to tear down the old cabin and re-build a new one of the very same size on its place (the only Norwegian -legal solution). This means you saved our cabin. . . for us to use, as it was meant to be! It is now a healthy cabin, and I'm a healthy person in it! It's hard to tell you how much this means to us, as a couple and as a family.

    I want to buy another one, so we can leave one plugged in at the cabin in the winter-time, to reduce moisture in the air, and cancel the effect of the sneaky mice that make their way into the corner cupboards. As for now, I have brought it to our home, second floor, where the bedroom is. We will use this winter at night it to keep the smoke down. Norwegians sleep with open windows. In winter, neighbors are always having fires in their fireplaces in the evening. The air can be quite smokey, and I am allergic to all particle matter in the air, it seems.

    So, let's plan to get another Airfree, but perhaps in January when we can afford to consider it. I thought I would call the Norway contact then, and ask for a second one to be sent.

    Best of luck with this great great product, and let me know if you want to use me as a reference.  

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    From rural upstate New York

    "I can't believe how great this product is. My son has had a chronic cough his whole 3.5 years of life. We've been to many doctors, gone on many diets to test for allergic food reactions, changed homes to improve air quality, but it was only 'the blue spaceship' that has actually healed his lungs! I parked it by his bed the first night we had it and he hasn't coughed once since! It's been nearly 4 months now. Before he would have non-coughing downtime of approximately 1-2 weeks and then the coughing would come back. He's been so healthy! Not a case of the cold or flu since! I've gotten 2 colds since then, but my boy is healthy. I am so grateful. It's the best $200 I've ever spent. SOOO worth it. The no-maintenance-costs is just frosting on top, so I couldn't be happier. Thanks Airfree!" 

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    From Leominster, MA

    Our AirFree Platinum 2000 fits neatly in the corner of a basement classroom, where the kids spend several hours each day. Before we installed it, it was hard to spend more than about one-half hour in the room, because the mold spores were rather thick. It did take over a week for the air to clear, but the air has been quite good ever since.  

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    From London, UK

    From London, UK

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