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Invisible enemies

Airfree’s story begins with the
concern of a Portuguese father
with his son's recurrent allergic
crises. The hidden enemies in
the air prevented the boy from
enjoying the magic of childhood.

Airfree origins

Airfree Superpowers

Thinking of how to eliminate impurities
from the air, the father developed an
innovative purification system. With
promissing results, what was once the
solution for his child became a wellness
alternative for families worldwide.

airfree super powers

From our home to the world

Today, Airfree, a 100% Portuguese
is present in more than 60
countries, distributed among the Americas,
Europe and Asia, bringing quality air to
homes, hospitals, schools, hotels, museums
and aviaries, as well as historic buildings.
Our air purifiers have improved the quality
of life
for many people all around the world
with demonstrated efficacy.

Airfree is present in more than 60 countries around the world

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