Supplier Evaluation

"As required by ISO 9001:2015, Airfree conducts a process for the evaluation of suppliers and service providers to ensure that suppliers who have an impact on the quality of service provided are evaluated, qualified and monitored.


The evaluation process shall be carried out on the basis of the following criteria:

Meeting delivery deadlines

Order fulfillment – (Quantity)

Order fulfillment – (Product/service quality)

Customer Service (pre-sale)

Support/Claims (after-sales) 

Each supply or service provision results in a timely evaluation, and the average of the results is evaluated every six months, as described below:

Preferred - Suppliers whose evaluation result is over 80% remain qualified suppliers automatically.

Adequate - Suppliers whose evaluation results are between 50 and 79% remain, qualified suppliers, indicating to the supplier any opportunities for improvement to be implemented, if applicable.

Replace - Suppliers whose evaluation result is below 50% are considered suppliers with a negative supply rating. This result is communicated to the supplier and opportunities for improvement are indicated for immediate implementation. The supplier’s classification may be reviewed after such implementations.

Two consecutive years with a "Replace" rating shall result in their exclusion from the List of Approved Suppliers."

Quality Policy

To ensure customer satisfaction and respect for each of their employees, based on a consistent attitude of innovation and rigor in the development of their products.
Promote the training and motivation of our employees, striving for professional development and teamwork.
Products and services
To combine innovative solutions, the best technology, and suppliers, aiming to ensure the optimization of resources used and the development of our activities in a responsible and sustainable way.
Continuous Improvement
To ensure the continuous improvement of the effectiveness and efficiency of the Quality Management System, as well as compliance with applicable legislation and Customer requirements.