Airfree Lamp Air Purifier

This new state-of-the-art lamp includes Airfree’s exclusive and patented Thermodynamic TSS Technology which eliminates up to 99.99% of viruses, bacteria, mold, pet dander allergens, pollen,dust mite allergens, and other organic allergens while also reducing harmful indoor ozone levels.

This patented technology does not require any lters or maintenance and is completely silent.
Internationally certied microbiology labs have tested Airfree and have all conrmed its extraordinary eciency. In the test section, you can access copies of dozens of
independent laboratory tests.

The Airfree Lamp is a space-saving solution that will look great in any room in your home and perfectly complement your existing decor. It comes with three replaceable warm light LEDs and
brightness control for optimal lighting. You can operate the Airfree Lamp with a remote or a smartphone app.

The Airfree Lamp can cover 430 square feet and comes with an optional odor eliminator capsule that can be used to remove cooking smells or cigarette smoke. It is an elegant and sophisticated solution that is also easy to operate and will t into any décor.

Onde comprar o Airfree Lamp
Clean air, Pleasant light
Airfree Lamp elegance
the air purifier
that elegantly
replaces any
ceiling lamp

The advantages of the Airfree Lamp

Quiet Air Purifiers Maintenance-free and totally silent exclusive TSS technology
Quiet Air Purifiers Destroys rather than holds viruses, bacteria, mold and fungi
Low energy consumption Odor eliminator capsule
Particles capturing capsule
Low energy consumption Frees up floor space
Low energy consumption Operated by touch, remote control, or app

How TSS sterilizes the air

01 Contaminated air enters into Airfree® by air convection
02 Microorganisms are destroyed at 400ºF inside the exclusive TSS mini-ducts
03 The purified air is cooled down
04 The purified air is released and dissipates in the environment

Orange juice mold test

airfree tulip para quarto

Optional odor eliminator capsule and
Particles capturing capsule,
to be used if and when needed