Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. How do I know if my Airfree® is working?
  2. Can I change Airfree® from one room to another?
  3. Does CADR measure the effectiveness of the Airfree®?
  4. What happens if Airfree® is disconnected or there was a blackout?
  5. Does Airfree® eliminate bacteria and viruses?
  6. How does Airfree® destroy dust mites?
  7. How does Airfree® eliminate fungi and moulds?
  8. Does Airfree® reduce tobacco smell?
  9. How does Airfree® destroy viruses?
  10. Does Airfree® make any humidity level change in the room?
  11. Does Airfree® release any gas or chemical product?
  12. Are there any side effects?
  13. Does Airfree® heat up a room?
  14. Does Airfree® need filter replacement?
  15. Does Airfree® Night Light interfere with Airfree® sterilising function?
  16. Where do the microorganisms go after they are destroyed?
  17. How do I shut the Night Light or the multicolour Night Light off?
  18. The top lights are blinking. What does that mean?
  19. Can I install Airfree® in my walking closet ?
  20. Can I use Airfree® in air-conditioned rooms?
  21. Can I place Airfree® at the corridor to reach adjacent rooms?
  22. Can I place Airfree® in a closed room?
  23. Should I turn off Airfree® when I leave house?