Airfree Lamp Air Purifier

The innovative Airfree Lamp perfectly combines:

  • An extraordinarily efficient and silent air purifier
  • An elegant ceiling pendant light with dimmable light (3 LEDs)
  • A space-saving and safe solution that looks great in any room

Air-sterilizing TSS ceramic core: 100% silent and maintenance-free, it destroys rather than holds mold and germs.
Capsule System: Typically used up to 2 hours a day to remove odors, particles, and outside pollution infiltrating the room.

The auto-cleaning TSS mode, has no maintenance and no cost for many years.
The Capsule System should be used only when necessary, avoiding clogging the capsules and extending their life.

Where to Install It
Kitchen islands and dining tables: for lighting and removing cooking odors and mold.
Children's rooms: restful sleep while the Airfree Lamp silently destroys mold and allergens. Being out of reach of kids and pets. The lights can be shut off or dimmed from outside the room, with the App or remote.
Mudrooms and garages: being ceiling pendant avoids wet floors while destroying mold and preventing mildew formation.
Pantries: extends fruit and cheese shelf life and prevents mildew formation on food items and walls.
Closets: prevents mildew formation on shoes, purses, leather garments, and clothing.

Control options include an app, voice (Alexa, Google), remote to make it easier, and touch sensors. It also comes with a timer.




The air sterilization operates independently; activate the capsules only when necessary to remove odors, chemicals, VOCs, and particles.

Onde comprar o Airfree Lamp
Clean air, Pleasant light
Airfree Lamp elegance
the air purifier
that elegantly
replaces any
ceiling lamp

The advantages of the Airfree Lamp

Quiet Air Purifiers Maintenance-free and totally silent exclusive TSS technology
Quiet Air Purifiers Destroys rather than holds viruses, bacteria, mold and fungi
Low energy consumption Odor eliminator capsule
Particles capturing capsule
Low energy consumption Frees up floor space
Low energy consumption Operated by touch, remote control, or app

How TSS sterilizes the air

01 Contaminated air enters into Airfree® by air convection
02 Microorganisms are destroyed at 400ºF inside the exclusive TSS mini-ducts
03 The purified air is cooled down
04 The purified air is released and dissipates in the environment

Orange juice mold test

airfree tulip para quarto

Optional odor eliminator capsule and
Particles capturing capsule,
to be used if and when needed