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The world's most tested air purifier

Don't have to make noise to be good

Sleep peacefully with a completely silent air purifier

No dirty filters end up in landfills, contaminants are incinerated

Economical and environmentally friendly

Proven Effectiveness

International universities and labs confirm Airfree's efficiency through rigorous testing.

The Benefits of Airfree air purifiers

Quite air purifiers


low energy consumption

Low energy

Air purifiers with modern design


small and portable air puriifers

Small and

Ozoneless and ionless technology

Releases neither
ozone or ions

Maintenance-free air purifiers

Requires no



The world's most tested air purifier

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  Airfree's Technology Air Filter
Maintenance Never Periodic exchange of contamined filters
Size Small and portable Large
Noise Level 100% Silent Noisy
Power Consumption 48 to 52W Can be greater then 100 W
Purification Method Microorganisms are destroyed by heat Microorganisms are trapped in filters